How To Better Recycle

Recycling is the order of the day to save Mother Earth from the rising doom of global warming. The process emphasizes reusing the previously used materials to lessen the need of extracting and consuming natural resources which are getting depleted increasingly fast.

In addition the very process of extracting and processing these natural resources & raw materials itself contributes to an increased emission of greenhouse gases. As recycling reduces the frequency of these negative processes, it can significantly decrease the emission of greenhouse gas and prevent further global warming.

The post below highlights the 5 best ways to recycle to ensure an eco-friendly environment around us in Idaho and everywhere in the nation.

Recycle rainwater

Try to collect rainwater during heavy showers. You can later use this water for watering your plants or flushing the toilets. Scientists have already warned about an imminent water crisis in the near future, in particualr in the USA. The only way to prevent this is to save and reuse as much water as we can.

Carry reusable bags and containers

Plastics are a major reason behind the rising levels of water and air pollution today. An average household uses around ten plastic bags for carrying groceries home from the supermarket. It amounts to a whopping number of 520 such plastic bags discarded annually. And that is just from one single household!

One of the best ways to prevent plastic waste through recycling is to carry reusable bags & containers to the supermarket or grocery stores. You should also inspire your friends, family members and colleagues to follow the same practice. If an entire neighborhood can take to plastic-free supermarket shopping sincerely, we will be able to cut down on a massive amount of plastic waste creation every year.

Reuse paper

There are various ways to reuse old paper.

To start with, you can recycle scrap paper for craft works. You can make an envelopes or paper bags from used papers. Don’t ask for paper receipts and try to save important notes digitally instead of printing them. While printing both sides of a document, utilize both sides of a paper. The common practice is to print one side of the document on one paper and the other side on another piece of paper. It’s plain unnecessary and the sooner you come out of this practice, the better.

Just remember, if you can recycle one ton of paper, you will be able to save 7,000 gallons of water, 17 trees & over 3 cubic yards of landfill space.

Get recycling bins at home and at your office

Get recycling bins at both your office and home. There should be separate recycling units for metal, plastic items and paper. Label them properly and keep them in easily accessible locations. Make sure every member of your office and home use the recycling bins sincerely and appropriately.

Look for e-waste recyclers

Do not ever trash your old electronic goodies. It is much better to send them to a reputed e-waste recycler near your location.
You should also follow recycling principles while shopping. Try to buy old usable items as much as possible instead of new products. You should also encourage artists, designers and companies working actively towards recycling to save the planet.